Leon Goodwin

Humble priest


Race: Caucasian
Concept: Blessed (priest)
Languages: English, Latin
Clothing: Cassok and Cappello Romano
Description: Slight; 5’9"; 165 lbs;
Age: 32
Experience: 8
Level: 2
Rank: Novice

Cautious (Minor)
Pacifist (Minor) – Self defense or to save a child
Heroic (Major) – trumps Cautious in times of need

Arcane Bacground (Blessed)

Agility: d6
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d8 (+1 from hindrances)
Strength: d6
Vigor: d6

Derived Statistics
Pace: 6
Parry: 4
Toughness: 5
Grit: 1
Charisma: -

Faith (SP): d12
Fighting (AG): d4
Guts (SP): d6
Investigation (SM): d6
Persuasion (SP): d4
Shooting (AG): d6
Notice (SM): d4 (from level up)

Cassok (attire)($4/6 lbs)
Cappello Romano (hat)(2/-)
Shoes (2/1)
Backpack (2/3)
Rifle Boot (3/.5)
Winchester 76 (40/7) Range: 24/48/96 Damage: 2d8 RoF: 1 Shots: 15 St Req: – Notes: AP 2
.45 ammo x50 (4/6)
Canteen – filled (5/2)
Bible & Prayer Beads (1 lbs)
Holy Water (150 mL) (.5 lbs)
Wooden cross (handheld) (1 lbs)
Watch, Standard (2.50/.5)
Totals: $207.50/28.5 lbs


The good preacher spends his time traveling from town to town sermonizing any willing to listen. Unable to turn down those in need, he lives a meager life of servitude free of sin.

History: Goodwin is the youngest of three boys hailing from Alabama. He quickly adopted a righteous lifestyle of the cloth. After becoming a bona fide speaker of truth, he decided to work as a missionary where his guidance would be needed help to the wicked. His travels kept him in the Confederacy, not out of hate or mistrust of the Yankees, but merely a desire to fix what was closest.

Nearly a decade passed, with each year telling greater and greater tales of the horrors and sin out west. So, he migrated. As he traveled, Leon learned of Reverend Ezekiel Grimm. Some spoke of heavenly deeds others of evil corruption, but all were fantastic. This pointed Leon to the Holy City of Lost Angels.

Or at least that’s the version Leon would tell.

Those who come to know the preacher don’t doubt his faith, but at times question his core motivations and enigmatic past. So many unanswered questions. Why does a man claiming to be past 30 look much younger? Why does he jest and make jokes unlike other holy men? How does a clergyman get an army issue rifle? And where the hell did he learn to shoot it?

True history:
Name: Reed Johnson
Age: Approximately 25

Reed Johnson is a bastard child from Philadelphia, who is no stranger to sin. Growing up in an orphanage, Johnson became close with two boys Cain and his brother, Mal. The trio was forced to learn survival due to no housing or money after the orphanage would no longer take them. If they couldn’t find their food in the wilderness, then they stole it, often small amounts. This affected his childhood friends in differing ways. Cain seemed to thrive off of it, while Mal could barely contain his guilt.

Not long after, Mal vanished and Cain worsened. Cain became callous and apathetic towards whom his misdeeds affected, and he killed a preacher who wouldn’t surrender $20. Reed was forced to help hide the whole ordeal and nearly elected to vanish himself.

Cain apologized profusely, claiming “it is time to repent,” so the two fled to Massachusetts. With the deceased preacher’s robes, Johnson impersonated the former clergyman, while Cain tagged along seemingly open to turning over a new leaf for religion. The impersonation became a reality for Reed, who was beginning to believe in a higher power. Tragically, nothing had changed in Cain.

Two years. Reed was shocked one night to find his friend molesting an eleven-year-old girl. Needless to say, Cain did not leave that church alive. Distraught, Reed fled south without completing his training. On that day, Reed Johnson became a memory and only Father Leon Goodwin existed. Rather than continuing to con and fib, Leon committed to an oath of servitude to his God.

Leon remembered Mal’s desire to strike rich in gold, silver, and ghost stone out west. So the priest vowed: he would find his friend, spread the word, and never turn down those in need. That was three years ago.

Leon Goodwin

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